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will f22 turbo manifold fit f23 98-02 accord?

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need to know if i can fit a 94-97 accord turbo manifold on to a 98-02 accord ?
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No, it will not. I think.

The you're talkinga bout fitting a F22b manifold on a f23
Though you may want to check with a shop specializing in Honda work, the F22B1 and F23A1/F23A4 are basically the same motor and I believe the manifold is interchangeable.
yea you can , i asked this question before and a lot of people said that you can
it is hard to find f22 turbo manifold
it think it need to be custom job
i have a 4th gen f22a1 it possible to fit a turbo in it? or i have to pull some stuff here and there?
sweet.. does this mean that i can take a turbo manifold off a 5th gen and put it onto my 6th gen?? wat abt the rest of the stuff like the downpipe, BOV, etc??
from what ive been gathering the manifold should work from the 5th gen but the downpipe might now have the right fitment. you can purchase a downpipe from either the f-max or drag kit for the 98-01. thats what im lookign to do.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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