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dude you dont get it......whopdy do you got more toqure all the way to 5700RPMS...that dont mean SHIT! Honestly with my short gear ratio's and launching at 5K (slip launches) how long do you think Im below 5700rpms? not even 1/2 a second thats how long. after that I take her up to 8300 where a stock B16 is making more TQ than a stock ZC AND a good 30hp more TO THE WHEELS and when I shift it never drops below 6500rpms. the ZC dont have shit on a B16 and it would cost a lot of money to make anywhere near the stock HP of a B16 out of a NA zc motor. You would have to redo EVERYTHING just to make a good 160hp out of it...and that would mean shitty idle with aggressive cams and such. I bet with all your mods your putting down maybe 120hp (which I would say is pushing it pretty hard but if you say you dynoed at 117 with just those two things you could have even more...doubt it though)...where as I am putting down over 135hp stock. Not to mention I drive an HF which weighs nothing and I still would have to have a good run to get into the mid 14's. You actually think you can hit 13's with your car???? unless you have that thing down to about 1000 lbs you dont have a chance in hell of hitting 13's...and unless it weighs less than around 1500 than you dont have a chance in hell of even getting into the 14's....I would bet your running high 15's with that tranny to be honest with you....maybe even worse than that.

By the way...are there any dyno's around of an NA ZC making 140hp to the ground? I would like to see them
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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