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will the intercooler fit?

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i am geting an integra ls (1994 or 1995) in about one month or so. i currently have enough for a turbo kit and the car... so i don't dwindle my money away i am thinking about getting the turbo kit now... ok, i have the option of upgrading my intercooler to 20x8x3.5 (in inches) and i was wondering if those dimensions will fit or should i stick with the 16"x5"x3" ??

thanks alot :)
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:confused: try to bolt it up... maybe, maybe not
the thing is, is that i don't have the teg yet and im getting the turbo before so i don't end up spending my valuable saved turbo money on something like a girlfriend hahah
You can fit a 26x6x3.5 for sure. I have seen put one in that is 7 inches tall. The only dimension I would worry about is the 8 inch height. It might be able to fit with some cutting.
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