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will these konigs fit my teg

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17" 4X100 Offset 42 Maxxim Pursuit by Konig, will they fit? if they do they are some good looking rims for veryc cheap, its konigs new line out
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They will fit. Acuras use a 4x100 bolt pattern. A good offset is +42. That is what I have on my integra.

I put 18's on my 98 GS-R. I had to take it easy at first but once the suspension stiffened up its cool.
Got 17" Konig Imagines , my 2nd set will definitely be 18's the kit my Black widow kit makes the rims look too small, Everyone says I'll be fucked w/ 18,s cause the roads are so bad here in N.Y. but I don't care I'll drive extremely slow. And I just fucked up one of my rims this past sat. when I hit a pot hole. It might be 60-80 dollars to fix.
2 weeks after I got my rims I hit a pothole and fucked up my tire. I bought my rims/tires from Discount Tires and got road hazard warantee. They fixed me up for free!
Would they have fixed the rim too? How much extra did you pay for the road hazard, how'd they fix u up
The rim was not severly damaged (just a scratch). I think that the road hazard only covers the tires. It cost me $20 and it lasts for the life of the tires. They just gave me a new tire (saved me $100). I think that if the rims get damaged you might have to go through insurance.
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