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WILL these seats fit?

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hey i can get my hands on an 87-89 integ LS and i was j/w is the 2 front seats would fit in the 89 crx?? if they do will i need to do any modicfications to it like drillin holes or anything? also if the rear seats from an 87-89 integ will fit in crx that would be good to know too... but main priorty is the 2 front seats... any info will help, thnax
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You will have to swap the metal buckets of the seats. This will involve pulling the foam and fabric off both lower seat cushions, then swapping the mteal buckets they sit on. Then you can mount the uppers directly to the new bucket. This is how I was able to install a set of 93 Integra seats in mine. There was a post on the old forum on how to do this, but I am not sure if is still there. By the way, the tracks will not swap over. The holes won't line up and there widths are different.:cool:
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