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Williams Denies BMWs Engineers Are Coming

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Williams has acknowledged in recent weeks that it must raise its technical game significantly if it is to challenge Ferrari next year, but that apparently does not include extra engineering help from BMW, contrary to reports today in the European press. Williams dismissed reports that its engine partner is sending 50 of its engineers over to England to help with the design and build of the team's 2003 chassis.

BMW, which supposedly is weighing the potential of an in-house F1 team of its own, was reported by German magazine Auto Motor und Sport as wanting input into the Williams FW25's aerodynamic design, in light of the perceived shortcomings of this year’s model. But Jim Wright, Williams' head of marketing, sas this is not the case.

"It's absolutely not true” said Wright. “Think about it logically. We are building what is a very specialist chassis in terms of carbon fiber. BMW has zero experience in terms of carbon fiber, so it doesn't make sense."

"Certainly, we would like to work more closely with BMW's engineers in areas where we felt there would be a benefit to the team," said Wright. "We are wide open to help from BMW, because if it improves the car then we'll take help from wherever we can. There are a number of areas where BMW's assistance can help us. We have begun to identify those areas.

"That's an ongoing thing and will be for a number of years. But to say that 50 engineers are coming over on an airplane is woefully inaccurate."


looks like ferrari is going to win again next year. because BMW inst pumping enough effort into F1.
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