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Well my race bike is just about finished for this season, only thing left to do is paint the bodywork. A local high school is going to paint it for free so the teacher can teach his tech class how to paint, so if its not perfect I really don't care its free and will probably get wrecked anyways, its going to be solid black. This company Tape Works offers affordable OEM-style graphic kits like the one pictured below, but I can get it in any combination of colors I want. Whoever comes up with the best color combo I'll Pay Pal twenty bucks, just to be honest though I'm doing this on another board also, so if it isn't one of you guys that gets the twenty I don't want it to look like I didn't pay up. Like I said I like bright and I included some of my favorite color scheme bikes below, but feel free to experiment.

Primarily I'm thinking Flourescent yellow, green, and or orange but again don't let me limit your creativity.

Only rules the bike has to stay black as well as the wheels, but the rim stripes and swoops and lettering on the bike change up all you want. Thanks and good luck! Whoever comes up with the color combo I think is the coolest in two weeks from today will be the winner, so that will be Feb. 11th, but please post them or send them to me as soon as you do them my e-mail address is [email protected].

Bikes for influence and colors

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