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Wiper Fluid smells like ROTTEN EGGS!

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I went to check my wiper fluid today, opened the cap, and I almost passed the fugg out, it smelled so bad! I ran a hose through it to see if i can circulate any of the old water out, or see if something comes out, but nothing. The smell wont go away, and for sure it's from the fluid container. ANY IDEAS?! Thanx
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I had the same thing happen to me. When i would spray it it would smell horrible. I just drained the wiper fluid, filled a bucket with hot water and soap and poured it through the wiper fluid container with a cup. Do that and then rinse it and you'll be fine.
Thats a good idea. You drained it from the bottom right?
yep, drained it from the bottom, also, wash your hands real good after or your're gonna smell like nastiness
I purchased a green colored washer fluid from Walmart, brand name Super Tech. Said on label good for cleaning bugs. Rotten egg smell filling the resevoir... smelled the jug itself and it was rotten egg fresh from the store bottle.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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