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I just raced some girl in a Dodge Neon.
I was coming home from the store, and pulled out onto the highway. I got up to about 30 and she flew by, slowing down to my speed. She looked over at me and Smiled, revving her POS Dodge.
"Ugh, use some Targon," I said to myself as I noticed her rancid yellow teeth. Anyways she had a Grey Neon, with like exhaust and a bunch of stickers.Wow I though. I'm impressed. but she started lauging at me. I know my car is kind of slow, and it doesn't look to hot with my 13' stock black wheels, but still, I HATE it when people laugh at me. So I kind of motioned for her to gun in, and she did! She started to pull on me, we were going about 45, I shifted down into second, floored it, and caught up to her, and began slowly creeping ahead. I got up to about 60 in 2nd and shifted into 3rd. I continued to pull on her and her POS neon. Finally, at about 90mph in 3rd, I shifted into 4th and slowed down. My turn was coming up. I put on my turn signal and turned. Of course she followed me. I pulled over into the parking lot of the bowling alley and she pulled up to my window.
"Haha," she said. "I had my a/c on haha"
"Ummm.. It's a little cold to have your AC on" I replied.
"Haha I was hot haha" she says.
"Ok, see you later" as I drive off.
She got owned by the slowest Civic in town! What a beastwoman. I hope I never see her again.


Post your Fav. Street racing story.
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