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Apple invents two button mouse

For ONLY $$69 you can have a not one but a TWO button mouse for your apple

Apple invents two button mouse

Innovation nation ration passion rant

By Nick Farrell: Thursday 17 March 2005, 07:48
PC MAKER Apple is thinking of flying in the face of tradition and flogging a two-button mouse.

Apparently Apple fans have wanted a two button mouse for ages, but Steve Jobs has always refused.

For years, Wintel PC users thought that Apple didn’t think its loyal followers could use two buttons on their mice, despite PC manufacturers' customers seeming to master the concept since the 1980s.

Ironically, Apple has supported many buttoned mice since OS 8.6, which is now over seven years old. The outfit just never got around to making them.

Now, according to Apple Insider, unnamed sources are reporting that Apple is ‘feverishly working’ on a two-button mouse.

The magazine suggests that Steve has had to change his mind as Apple tries to lose its ‘reassuringly expensive’ image and provide more cut price machines.

The new mouse will probably cost about $69 which is expensive, but means that Apple can lower the price of the old mouse.

According to Apple, two buttons will help the outfit compete better with Windows. After all two buttons didn’t do Vole any harm.

You can read more about this if you flit over to this address, or unique resource locator as dweebs have it. µ
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