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It seems like it's been forever since I've been able to post on SHO. Anyways, post your REX pics and mods...

1990 CRX SI:

JG Cams
Mugen Chipped ECU
Thermal R&D Cat-back Exhaust
Iceman CAI
H&R Springs
Progress Camberkit
WW RS bodykit
WW Whaletail wing
Electron Blue Pearl Paint


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nice rex man, my shit has rust and needs paint but im droping like 5g in a couple months to fix it and paint it, so my pic will be up soon

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91 hf with
91 LS motor
Jun 9lb Flywheel
ACT Clutch
Reprogrammed and Stock ECU's MUHAHAHAHA
much much much more to come.......

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2,120 Posts is the word....superhonda is back

this is PSRcrxZC

id post my car but im at school rite now

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heres my mods:D
91 Civic Hatchback
teg ecu
fully built bottom end
11.5:1 compression
ZC tranny
injen intake
chikara header
Tanabe cat back exhaust

THen for looks we have:
wings west RS kit
2 Sparco sprint seats
some HX wheels, which are much better than my stock 13's :) random guages, etc

DONT EVER BUY A JET V-FORCE!!!!! i had one it slowed me down... it sucked

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dont have any recent pics up, but my mods should be in my sig...if not
-b16 w/ s1 tranny
-reprogrammed mugen spec ecu w/ 10 K rev limiter
-unbolted exhaust (i know, i know, its cheap...but it give me that extra pull)
-brembo x-drilled n' slotted rotors
-agx shocks
skunk2 coilovers

soon to have !
aem short ram (again, i had one for my old d16a6 motor)
skunk2 shortshifter

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The Shitter...

'89 CRX Si

JDM 1991 Integra XSi B16a
J1 Tranny

ACT 6 puck Clutch/eXtreme Pressure plate
DC Sports Cat-back exhaust
DC Sports 4-1 SS Header

Nuespeed Sport Springs
Tokico HB shocks
Team Dynamics Motorsports, 16x7 powdercoated black
Kumho Rubber (205-40-16)

DC Short Shifter
91 Si Taillights
Projector Headlights
Clear Corners/Bumpers

Kenwood KDC-9017
2Polk Audio, 2infinity Kappa 1" Tweeters
6 1/2 Pioneer 3 ways in the doors
8" SUbs in the rear speaker housings

Z10 engineering front crossmember
Skunk2 Intake Manifold
A'pexi VAFC

POSSiBLY port/poished/milled head (11.1:1 compression)

Ground Control Coilovers
Tokico Illumina Shocks/Struts
Nuespeed Strut Bar
Ingalls Camber Kit
20% tint

and a bunch more shit :)

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88 STD hatch
d15b1 block
d16y7 head
d16 intake manifold, dist, throtlebody
pm6 ecu
L3 5 speed (no more 4 speed)
shitty header shitty intake si exhaust

arospeed coilovers they work relly nice for the $ very stiff not bouncy at all
93 teg rear disc brakes
91 crx si rims painted black cause i didnt feal like powder coating look good though

91 si interior
91 crx si dash and steering wheel
mugen shift nob
and homemade short shifter cut by craftsmen hacksaw
razo pedals
91 si tail lights and center panel
projecters and clears that match unlinke someones

93 b18a and ys1 pr4 ecu not in the car yet debating wut to do with it

soon to have a whole jdm conversion in a month or 2 jdm front end ooooo i want one bad

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Not much but here goes....

crx 89 hf
Lowered 2"
short shifter w/ nob
piaa fog lights
front strut bar
momo steering wheel
clear corners
all in stock blue paint, gotta love it

ummm brain dead right now, i think i have more... oh well

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Not sure if I can upload pic, but here are the mods so is till under construction. I hope to have it completed by the NOPI Mini Truckin/Sport Compact Nats in June...

89 Integra ECU
DX 5 Speed Tranny w/lightened flywheel (approx 4 lbs.)
Ram PowerGrip Clutch Set (Stage 3)
B&M Short Shifter
Prothene Urethane shifter stablizers
Venom Hi-Flow Injectors
Venom Hi-Flow In Tank Fuel Pump
Venom H-Flow Fuel Rail
Venom Adjustable Cam gears
Venom VCN2000 Nitrous Sys
MSD SCI Ignition Module
MSD Blaster SS Coil
Vitek Ignition Wires
NGK V Groove spark plugs
Prothene Urethane motor mount inserts
Weapon R Dragon Intake System
Weapon R Adustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
Weapon R Pro Circuit Coil Over Springs
Koni Adustable shocks (front & rear)
Powerstop Cross drilled Rotors
VGX Carbon Metallic pads
Goodrich Stainless Steel brake lines
DC Sports Ceramic Coated 4-2-1 Custom header (89 Teg upper/CRX Downpipe)
DC Sports Polished Stainless Steel Cat back Exhaust
DC Sports rear upper strut bar
Neuspeed upper front strut tower bar
Suspension Techniques front and rear sway bars
Kaminari Aerodynamics 88-89 body kit
Aerogear Z3 fiberglass front fenders
Custom made aluminum wing spoiler (discontinued Konig wing)
APC clear corners and bumper lenses
Enkei 17X7 CDR9 wheels (not on car yet - waiting on tires)

And yes, the car is FAST! Not sure of the times yet. Waiting on the track around here to open back up to make some test runs.


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Lets see here, not to much right now, I'm a broke college guy. I'm gunna get another job tho. I don't have any pictures right yet, but I will soon.

1990 Black DX
Body has bout 113,500 miles on it
I have a street fighter front bumper on now (bout a year).
The side skirts and rear bumper are gunna be put on soon, after winter. (then I'll get some pictures up)
ZC, had it for bout a month
Teg Ecu
Si tranny
Chikara headers
Took out the cat, and I have a Pacesetter cat-back with a dynomax turbo muffler.
I ordered an intake bout a month ago..haven't gotten it.
Right now I have my stock rims with my winter tires,
Summer wheels are 16in Momo's with dunlop 205/zr45/16s
I put Si tail lights on.
Some sort of stock rear spoiler
HKR lowering springs, 1 3/4 front, 1 1/2 in the rear.

*futur plans*
window tint
Some performance cams
lightened cam gears
someday I will take out my darn subs (save bout 35pounds at least)

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My 90 Dx, and my 91 Wagovan (winter car guys, dont laugh)


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91 CRX DX (SCREW DPFI) The guy who owned it before
me put some 5-Star type rims on it. He didnt wash the thing all last winter and then it just sat till I bought it. They look like crap.

Now, onto mods I dont have alot because My car needs quite alot
of cosmetic work (no rust haha)

Got new tails (stock ones) Mine were all cracked
Autometer A/F Gauge
Autometer Oil Press N Pod.
Brand new After market hood pecker rear ended someone :eek:

Mmmm yes Ive been waiting for
it forever....

Not much else but you can see it @

I used to have an 81 Subaru but we won't even go there.....

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