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wrapping header...?

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i've seen pictures of people that coat their header,... but what material is it... does it help with the heat? i got a dc cc if that helps... peace!
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if u want it to looks shitty and give your .000002 hp then gofo it

You need to wrap your header and exhaust. It keeps the heat up and will help cause a little bit of a vacuum. Not alot in gain but it can help. Make sure everything is stainless steel or it will rust through in no time at all. If I can find the site that sold the wrapping I'll post it.
Instead of having that heat sheld, people just use that wrap. Thats pretty much all its good for.
Its a good way to keep the engine bay cool plus give you a bit more HP...not a lot but a bit. I'm wrapping my header ..when i get it. If you do it doens look all that bad.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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