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Hey all,

So, I've basically wanted a 4th Gen prelude since before I could drive. I bought a WRX out of college, have it built into a very entertaining street/occasional track car, but want something that will handle my impending 25+ mile commute with a little more civility (not to mention better gas mileage!). I've always liked the look of the 4th gen cars, inside and out, and they have some of the best seats I've ever experienced in a stock car.

My question, then, is what should I look for/be aware of when researching used cars? Lots of options in the 93-94 range with ~130K miles on 'em going for 3-4K, which is my intended price range. I'm not worried too much about mileage, as I'm confident that a well cared for car will do well over 200K, but price is definitely a determining factor. Anything I should know? Any chronic problems with these cars/recalls that I should be on the lookout for?

As I mentioned before, the car will be primarily used as a daily driver, so it won't be built too much. Maybe wheels/tires and a slight drop and that's it.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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