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sheesh, you literally posted an identical list as I had a few weeks ago.

I found all my parts either on here, ebay or other forums. Took about a week and a half but managed to buy every part i need for a swap into a del sol.

Good luck. PM me if you need any leads.

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snozepp147 said:
looking for the following items for my b-series swap:

Shift linkage from DC tegs or si
Axles from DC tegs or si
B-series hydro tranny with lsd
99-00 civic si rear upper mount
b-series shortram intake
maybe some cheap bseries headers
p28 ecu virgin 5-speed
motor mounts

let me know what you got
i have :
gsr shift linkage.....125.00
b16tranny.. but no lsd ...500.00
all motor mounts...150.00
gsr axles...125.00 with halfshaft
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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