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wtb: cheapo rims w/ tires or tires

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aright guys, i just got new 17s w/ 90% tread, but i take long 8 hour drives a few times a year, i need either some cheap new tires, or some wheels w/ semi new tires on them so i dont waste the expensive rubber o nthe 17s. im talkin cheap here.

let me know
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I got just the thing for long trips. Save your 17s and buy my 14 steelies mounted on 195/60/14 Bridgestone Potenzas. They have at least 60% tread left, and they are smooth riding and all season performance tires with a transferrable free rotation card from Firestone I will include, and free flat repairs. I got the hubcaps if you need them too. Let me know if you are interested [email protected]
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