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---FRONT sway bar, any thickness/condition. as long as its usable. im gonna paint it anyways, so no need to primer it or dont think its worthless cuz its scratched the hell up

---FRONT control arms that have the mounting for a sway bar I DO NOT care if the bushings are bad, thats perfectly fine, as its still gonna be better then no sway bar.

---REAR brake swap, I want discs in the back, so I need brake lines, E brake lines, prop valve made for 4 wheel disc, trailing arms, etc. Doesnt need to include rotors or pads, I have those already

----REAR bunper metal bracket that hangs the bumper up. Mines rusted away and the rear bnumper is dropped like 2 inches, looks terrible

--- ZERO damage/bent shit cylinder head. D16a6, d15b7, d16z6, d16y7 d16y8 d15z5, etc. Whatever bolts on, whether it hurts or gains performacen ill take it cheap. I have bent valves and lots of compression l;eaks on my current cylinder head, I simpyl want the damn car running smooth. hell I will take 8 valve heads iof thats what you got, but you would also need to include the ECU and harness to make it work. My current motor is a D15B7 matched to an automatic

Thanks in advance guys, sorry for the long list, but I wanted to get it out there for you guys to start looking for parts for me. I have tried THREEE DOZEN salvage yards, junkyards, car recycling places, etc. and could not find any of these items in GOOD condition. Im very picky when it comes to buying used parts, so dont be surprised if I deny any offers without question. Take good pictures if you got any, please dont waste my time, Im very busy between looking for a job, helping others work on their cars (for money of course) and working on my own car. Again, thanks in advance.

EDIT I forgot to include, Im also looking for a manual tranny, cable or hydrualic. A friend of mine finalluy convinced me that its worth swapping to a manual for more fun driving :lol Im not looking for performance, simply the fun factor is all. Doesnt need to come with a good clutch or flywheel, but needs to shift smooth and have nice synchros. clutches and flywheels are nothing to me, one hour tops. But synchros, ive never done before, and I dont wanna fuck with it.

You guys are awesome if I could get the tranny for less then 100 bucks.
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