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I will pay $4000-5500 cash depending on mods and condition. 5/6 speed is a must as is a/c and heating. I could do without P/s but would prefer it. This is going to be a daily driver so reliability is priority #1, performance is #2, looks are #3 (no rust or dents), and price is #4.

My ideal car in mind is a 91 CRX with an H22, newer paint, nice rims/tires, with tasteful exterior/interior mods that needs nothing for comfortable daily driving. I really don't want anything smaller than a built 1.8 liter unless it's turbo'd or sc'd. I know I said reliability is #1, but I also need torque. Also, I live in Connecticut, so the closer the better, but I won't turn down a good deal if it's in CA or somewhere because I'm in need of a vacation soon anyways. :)

My email is [email protected] . Please send pics, list of mods, and asking price, but don't bother if it needs work done to it. I want a turn key car that has had lots of work recently done that needs nothing.
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