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WTB: GSR suspension parts Strut bar LCAs ect...

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I'm looking for the following parts:
GSR rear LCAs
GSR strut bar
GSR rear sway bar with all hardware
I'm also interested in a 19mm rear sway bar.
Let me know.
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i got a 94 GSR rear sway bar, no damage and only needs the bolts to connect to LCA. i was gonna use it on my Civic but couldn't find any Teg rear LCA's to fit it to so i'm going without one for a while.

[email protected]
GSR front swaybar w/ hardware - 24 mm = $120
GSR rear swaybar w/ hardware - 14 mm = $85
left rear lower control arm = $55
right rear lower control arm = $55

(front lca's are $70)

shipping charges would be ACTUAL shipping charges... I'll go get a quote only if you're interested, because I don't want to haul the things to the shipping office (UPS) any more than I have to!

i'll take paypal online, or visa/mastercard/american express at my shop... there's a $1.50 terminal fee added on though.
(still, it's better than spending $1.50 on a money order and stamp, and then waiting for an extra week)

*don't PM me, my box is full all the time, if you're interested, email [email protected]
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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