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WTB Hatchback..

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Im looking for a 96 and up HAtchback.. Doesnt matter how many miles.. but interior needs to be clean and good condition. i live in No.Va
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im really interested... And i cant see the pix unless i sign up for that website.. So if u can please send me pix and tell me how much and we'll work from there.. Also any flaws... etc.etc.. thanks

[email protected]
i have a 96 honda civic cx medori green
for sale 6500 o.b.o.
medori96... got pics? and where do u live? wut condition? etc.etc.. thanks
i can get pics

it is in good condition (in the process of doing an 0bd2-obd1 conversion)

i live in minot north dakota
wow.. thats umm a bit FAR from me.. haha.. i live in Northern Virginia..
i have the basic mods done

intake dcsports 4-2-1 header catco racing cat
custom 2.25" exhaust to a thermal r&d muffler
strut brace msd plug wires i also have a gtr wing i can throw in there and some altezzas if you want them.

if you know anyone that wants a 92-95 feels wide body front bumper let me know $200
im from northern VA, and now im thinking about selling my's a 96 with around 35k miles or so...just got in an accident with can email me for details and [email protected]
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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