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WTB: p28 ecu asap!!

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i need a 92+ p28 sohc vtec civic ecu. if anyone has one in working condtion..hit me up..preferred stock
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i need the skunk2 p28... but seeing as how I won't get a warranty, can you tell me when you got it and what all mods you had done when it was programmed?

I've got an all motor odbII, and need the manual odbI ecu. I just don't want to pay another $240 to have it reprogrammed because I have every bolt on I could get, all fuel parts, rebuilt engine... do you think it'd be adequate?
if u have alot of mods the skunk2 p28 will be worth its money...
ive had it for about 4months in my car... got it used of a guy. bought it off him for about $300 most chipped ecus go for aroud $200-300 depending where its from and what it is... this is a skunk2 p28... its from skunk2. they chipped it... it works. i just have it in my closet collecting dust. i had intake header and exhaust when i was running the program...
I got a stock P28 for 175+ shipping.
ive got a p28 chipped

ive got many programs to chose from

let me know if you are interested
chipping goes for 100, i want 250 chipped for the ecu, 200 for the ecu by itself, let me know

[email protected]
p28 ECU for 150 me or AIM.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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