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I'm looking for a Prelude in the $4,000k price range. I'm in the Columbus, OH area and have been looking all over town for one and have come up empty handed. Part of the problem is the budget I'm on. However, I have seen them in my price range, so I know it's possible if the seller is willing to put aside the emotional attachments they have formed with the car and get more reasonable with the price.

As you can tell, I've dealt so far with a lot of people that are overpricing their cars. I'm a big fan of Honda, but we need to be reasonable. I got $4,000 and would like to get a Prelude w/5spd, and no more than 140,000 miles on it. I'd consider engine swaps if the engine had under 100,000 miles on it. I'd be willing to travel a little bit, but not out of state. So perhaps if you're in a neighboring state, we can meet half-way or something.

Anybody know of anything? Let me know.

AIM: chriskacklepop
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