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WTB red/clear taillights!!!

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They need to fit a 98 coupe! Anyone who could get any please respond! Thanks
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I have the outter pieces only if interested. They aren't oem ones they are aftermarket ones.
got pics?
why dont you have the inner section too?
I've got some JDM Style Red/Clears....

Email me and I'll send you pics...

[email protected]
When I ordered the taillights they were suppose to be for my 4dr civic, but instead they screwed up and gave me a 2dr ones.
superhonda8301 i emailed you!
i hacve got a pair almost new bone stock red clear on my aunts 2000 si i bought her altezza let me know
How much do you want for the stock tail lights? I am looking for some as well. I tried emailing you but it wont let me. You can reach me @ [email protected] if you need to. Thanks alot, Rick
60 dollars shipped obo
Let the bidding begin! I will give you $40. Rick
uhhhhhh thats rude, dont try to steal my buy you newb.
Lol, sorry man. Im just a newb to this board. I am not on the net too much. Their yours if you want them. Rick
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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