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WTF? Fans not working?

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Ok, I seem to be having problems with my electric fan not coming on. I figured it was the temperature sensor so I replaced it....WRONG! I then tested the wires and I have no power to the fans. They both work (ac and electric). I connected a line straight from the battery and they worked. SO whats the deal? Anyone ever have a similar problem? Little Help?:confused:
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did you check your fuses
I checked the two fuses under the hood. The heater blower and cooling fan fuse. I also checked the fuse in the fuse box under dash. Weird huh?
I don't think you checked your fuses like your friend Dave told you. Anyway I think it is disconnected or the wire is cut. You should check that manual, and look for the wire.
Thanks for that help BA! Why dont you come over and fix it then. :D
I might just have to come over and fix it for you. BA!!!
i had a problem like that, well actually still do. it happend with an aftermarket fan(original wouldn't fit with turbo)
i never actually solved it, checked wiring and fuses and couldn't figure it out... the fan just never came on, engine almost overheated quite a few times too.
my temporary solution(still doing it) i just ran a wire from my fan, through the firewall into the interiror of my car and hooked up a switch, then ran a wire from the switch, through the firewall and directly onto my battery. it's extremely budge i know. turn the fan on/off with the swithc of a button. keep it on during street driving, and swithc it off when you're going faster that 45(don't know exact)...i don't recommend this for a permanent solution because i'm not aware of the long term effects, but its worked for me for the past 3 weeks.
you're best bet is to take it to a dealer and have them investigate, i've just been too lazy.
I thought about doing that too. But like you said it isnt really a solution. I could take it to the dealership but im so damn po' and so damn cheap that it isn't worth it to me! :D Thanks for the input!
It is hopeless!!! BA
My ac condesor fan went out. Never got to fixing it. I think the motor might just be dead. Been running on one fan for the longest time and I never overheat. Hopefully when I get the fluidyne and my new fans on my ac will come back.
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