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In short i was arrested for no license, no reg, no insurance. I know it was stupid. I served my time and paid my fine. The court on the other hand decided to further screw me over since i got all the tickets wrapped up into AUO 3rd, and facilitating. They decided to go ahead and throw no insurance revokation for 1 year on there even tho that charge was dropped with the plea. Is it even legal to undo a plea after it's all paid for?

I'm trying to get my license back so I'm able to drive and at least be able to get to school and work etc.. But is there a way to get them to stick to the plea and remove the revokation so i can just worry about my suspensions in other towns?
Did you have an attorney or did you represent yourself?
A plea is not undone once it is entered.
The no insurance for 1 year penalty may have been added in lieu of being charged with no insurance. I'm not 100% sure but it's my guess. What that means is that you don't get charged with the traffic offense, you don't pay fees for that charge, and it doesn't end up on your driving record. Your lawyer may have explained it to you but you may not have understood everything considering you had multiple charges.

You can always get a driver's license without having to get car insurance. What the court has done is prevent you from insuring your own car. That means after getting your driver's license back, you can technically drive, but it has to be someone else's car that is registered and insured.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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