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i just wanna start over with a stock or as close to stock of car as i can find to trade. any import 88^, 5-speed. in fair conditon. nothing major wrong.
i just want to sell it to somebody atleast 10 to 20 miles away or more cause my car gets tracked ever where i go because of the guy b4 me. he was a huge racer and drug dealer. both of which i didnt know when i bought it. but if your close and wanna remodel it go ahead and shoot me somtin. ive had my liscense since january and i have 1 ticket for improper lane change :hehe and defective muffler and ive been pulled over 12 times since then so im fukin tired of this car and wanna start over. has alot of potential but not for me.
1991 civic dx hatch w/mild name intake, ractive exhaust, ractive headers, racing plugs, 8 mm high performance wires. crx cf hood, clear corners. prob will need a new front bumper, has a crx fiberglass front body kit in pretty bad condition. needs a new passenger fender( i can replace). new driver side cv-axle. i also have 91 teg gs seats in fair condition(ill add if you want more.) im also parting out a 91 teg gs. if you want parts. im having some rims powdercoated on saturday. has a bad black spraypaint job.( can get it painted).
really sorry for the long post but my parents are makin me sell it and i dont want it anymore.
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