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wut the ufck is wrong with my alarm?

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sup bro's...aiite got a question about my alarm. it's a viper alarm system. here's the prob: ok my dad was messing with something in the car and now the alarm doesn't turn on. it's like the led is constantly on. u kno usually when u close ur doors, the led blinks? ok the remote didn't work so i thought it might've been the batteries so i changed help. so i pulled the on/off toggle switch to turn the alarm off, when the ignition was on, and still no help. ok but get this...when i leave the alarm toggle switch to off and close all the doors, the alarm is activated but in silent mode, meaning only the lights blink and the engine's dead. so does anybody know wut's up? and if it's the remote and like how the frequencies don't match up, how can i reset the remote? please don't tell me it's in the valet mode cuz it aint! haha thanks...
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it is in valet mode..
open the driver door, then press lock, unlock, then lock
and that should get it out of valet mode-- i think that is the button configuration for it
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