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WW RS kit...hows the fitment?

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Hey guys for those with the WW RS was the fitment. Does it fit like a glove or can it be coming off here and there.

Also How easy is it to install on a car? Are there any directions on install on line for it.
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i just have the front lip, but the front fit perfectly, its easy to install, there are adhesive strips outlining the kit, just heat it with a heat gun, and put it on carefully.
mine fits like a glove. It is a really good fitting kit. i highly recomend it. I got the full kit btw. It is very easy to install. I'd recomend that u just get it paitned and dot he install yourself since it fits soo good.
The fitment is as good as the oem kit. See for yourself....


Installation takes an hour if you have a friend to help you.
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I put mine on myself and it was simple and it looks like it came on the car from factory it fits soo good
does the kit come pretty much ready to shoot with paint? if much does a shop charge to just shoot the 4 pieces about?
My RS kit was 200 for the paint. Just make sure the shop knows how to paint urethane properly!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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