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Holy shit.. didnt think this board was even around anymore, well if their are any users that havent seen my website.. check it out.. I update it as much as I can..

Recent project... 300zx turbo to Mini-Me

Jeff Frank
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Recent project... 300zx
i saw it today in h-t forum i let you a mensage
it sais that superhonda is open again did you saw it
wile super honda was updating i found
h-t forum
Its nice to be back....
You guys like superhonda more than h-t? why?
superhonda has been my home since 99. i jes like it because of the atmosphere in here......everyone is pretty cool.
Its nice to be back!!! Except I dont like the"Brand Spanking Newbie". But other than that I have my life back!! By the way AbaZ, you given the balls to make a custom turbo as soon as funds make it possible!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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