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Xbox Owner

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I'm the proud new owner of an Xbox. I have a whole list of reasons as to why I chose it over a PS2, but hopefully I can pick up a PS2 also within a couple weeks. Well anyways, I'm loving my Xbox. Ive been playing online Halo and MotoGP and some NFL Fever 2K3 (IF you want to learn how to play online just ask me).
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Congrats on the box man. Best system ever i my opinion! those are some good games too. how do you like motogp? i heard it was great and played a demo it was awesome hows the full game?
I WILL SOON be a new owner...and im curious on how exactly do u play online...

wut do i need(i have DSL) and does it cost anything..etc..

the wut games are online compatible right now?

and congratulations..i played it at my friends house (halo) and its soo addictive.

im gonna get it just for the friggin rally games..for some reason since the beginging of summer i've been hooked on rally..i dl'ed collin 2, and am gettin part 3 now.hehehe
Check out Shows how to get started online with your Xbox. Currently I've been playing Halo online, just waiting until XBox Live! hits the stores.
congratulations dude. I traded my PS2 in for the trade I've ever made. I buy ALL the cool games so if you have questions about any games then you can PM me :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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