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Xbox's Rallisport Challenge

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This is the best game out for rally car racing....theres tons of cars , sweet ass landscaping , trees and bushes look almost real , high frame rates.

Heres 2 shots I got from my replays.

Just take a look at that reflection on that window....that picture looks real. Theres practically no anti-ailising , everything looks realistic smooth. The cars sounds great , theres about 8 different camera views you can play with. The sound track is great as well.

The courses go for awhile , there is rain , snow , ice , mud , dirt , dust , reflections , water , grass and more...

Goto for more pictures and videos.....ALSO I think the shots going around dont look as nice as they do on TV....
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Heres a good shot that shows off what it looks like on tv..

Imagine this coming at you @ full speed in 60fps.
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Looks good.. I don't have an x box though -- my friend does maybe he'll get it.
I wish they would have a good rally game for the PS2:zombie:
Yeah there is one out that was released in europe only.....Forgot the name....

This game gets better and better , Im driving a skyline now...hehe.
Hmm...should compete against PS2's V-rally 3. Hey, do you know Europeans get a game called WRC? Damn, it has the WRC license and everything...sure as hell doesn't look good as Rallisport because those stupid jagged lines that plague PS since the beginning. Damn, we need more rally games.
Yeah vrally started on dreamcast....i had both of them , that was a good game allthough the controls didnt make much sense , you would use the brake and it would tach to redline.....

This game is sweet , also wrc is coming to the looks good for ps2.
Right now, I am addicted to Project Gotham Racing still. I plan on getting Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. Next is Marrowind. But that looks like a great game to rent. I'll go check it out. If I like, I buy.
Man, ok I am really considering buying this game. I was reading Gamespot's review on it, and they said on some of the turbo cars, you could hear the blow-off valve when you lift off of the throttle. There are 25 distinct realistic engine noises. Since I am an audiophile, this is just great. You can't overlook this game if you own the xbox. Buy it.
best racing game i have ever played.
I have GT3 and have played numerous others. But this game is the best one yet. Easily the best graphics. I do love how the x-box has throttle and brake on the bottom analog buttons. Which is much easier to control the amount of braking or throttle you use. PS2 controllers just blow in comparison. Gotta just love rally racing. Its the best. NASCAR fans... suck it :)
Just got home from a friends house and played it there. I thought it was really sweet. It was cool how there was reall time damage and dirt. Good game.
Ralli sport challenge

THis game is crazy!!!! i got every car except fot the last saab i dont know how to get it, but my favorite car would have to be the Citroen Xsara kit car, that car handles like crazy on the ice!
hehehe I get to play xbox all day at work.

you guys can call me at 1-900-933-TIPS :D

Yeah i got that escudo but dont drive that tacoma! that shit is so hard to handle!
so its worth buying mike? I think i will ask for that for my bday.. what other games besides project gotham racing and halo are good?i got xbox..
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