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92 Honda Prelude
$28,000US or $45,000Can.

Complete, Full Built Race/Street Car. Includes a spare F22 motor, 4 stock wheels, Mickey Thompson slicks and the following:

Engine Modifications

H23A (non-VTEC)
Fully built motor

Custom Turbonetics 62-1 turbocharger (polished)

JE oversize pistons
Saenz connecting rods
Speed Sport Racing ductile iron sleeves
Blueprinted and balancing bottom end
Balancing shafts removed
Custom exhaust manifold and 3" mandrel bent downpipe

JG engine dynamics oversize stainless steel valves with titanium retainers
Speed Sport Racing turbo-grind camshafts
Speed Sport Racing throttle body
Custom head porting and polishing

Hondata engine management system (Stage 4B)
RC injectors - 720 cc/min
MSD 6AL ignition w/ MSD HVC coil
AEM pulleys
Holley in-tank and in-line fuel pumps

ACT clutch kit with LSD
SSR 3" mandrel bent stainless steel exhaust with Apexi turbo N1 muffler
Powerslot rotors with Hawk pads

Apexi GTR intercooler with custom endtanks & intercooler piping
Greddy Type-R Blow-off valve
Turbonetics Racegate wastegate
Guyon Racing twin pass, 2 core aluminum radiator
FAL fan, etc.

Exterior and Interior Modifications

Real lexus IS300 taillights
JDM one-piece headlights
Custom Hiro front lip
VIS Racing side skirts
Custom rear bumper (from a VIS racing extreme rear)
Vented hood
New Granada Black Pearl paint

17" Enkei Katana wheels with Yokohama Parada tires (on street)
15" Honda Prelude wheels with Mickey Thompson 22*8*15 drag slicks (for track)

Accord type-R side marker lights
Various other mods (shaved emblems, clear lights, etc.)
Lowered, front/rear tower bars added
Z-Speed fron/rear tow hooks

Custom interior and aluminum panels
Apexi AVC-R boost comtroller
Autometer 5" tach with shift light, A/F ratio, EGT, boost, fuel pressure,
oil temp, oil pressure, water temp and voltage gauges
Blitz dual turbo timer
Sparco Rev seat with 3" RCI 5-point harness
Sony tape deck with stock front 4 speakers (rear speakers removed)
Sparco pedals, Momo shift knob
Wink 5-panel rear view mirror
SPA design side mirrors
OMP F360 swede removable steering wheel

Performance to date on current setup (Sept 2002)

Dyno tested at 22-24lbs of boost on a Mustang MD250 Chassis Dyno:
491.2 wheel hp @ 7000rpm and 401.4 ft/lb torque @ 5900rpm

(DynoJet values expected - 530.5 - 550.1 whp & 433.5 - 449.6 ft-lbs torque)
(Flywheel expected values - >650 hp & 550ft-lbs torque)

Best E.T. = 12.3 @ 109mph
Best mph = 12.5 @ 118mph

Both runs were at 17psi & 3700feet (full interior)

Vehicle is in show condition, and runs better than the day it was built. Over $50000 invested. Chassis has 80,000miles (130,000km) on it, while the fully built motor has ~1000miles (1500km) on it.

Traction will put the car into the 10's (It currently is not equipped with a LSD) with full interior.

Asking $28,000US or $45,000canadian. Serious offers also considered.

e-mail for more info: [email protected]

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jmcn R said:
how many miles are there on the engine/drivetrain ?
**edit** 32k does sound high for a car of that year with so much different on the engine. modifications like that dont net the extra cash

**edit again:) ** ok then..i geuss i clicked quote....
lol i never knew im that much of a smartass as to quote myself:rolleyes:

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u must realize you can't finance a 1992 car really....a bank is not going to understand that the prelude has $50k in modifications so whoever buys it will have to basically pay cash for most of it. I had to bargain with my bank for a couple days for them to let me finance my 94 Accord 2 years ago. It was bone stock but just in perfect condition and they still were hesitant. So I would think a 92 would be impossible. I may be totally wrong but who knows.

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rollinlude said:
no thats a good point. every car has a certain "loan value" that the bank will loan you but you gotsta come up w/ the rest of the cash. for a 92 Si the loan value is probably somewhere around 4-5K.
Its more then $4k or $5k. But thats irrelevant, if you guys aren't interested in his car then don't post. Just let him sell his car.

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blackhatchb16 said:
dude can your car be driven daily - cause i dont see the speedometer - LOL - is it there and i'm not seeing it or what??
Of course it is daily driven. To and from work and around town (not winter driven though).

As for the speedo, the dash is complete and in its stock form. It's all there!

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that is kinda steep but ya know the car is worth waaaaay more than the 7-12. i have a 94 si i got for 7500. so a turboed one is alot of cash. do i think its worth it? well. i dont know. but is it worth alot and to be respected? yea. thats a nice car man. good job. wish i could afford to do the same......

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ah man.. beautiful car.:eek:

i cant believe someone said its worth 7-12k. :rolleyes: STOCK 95 vtec's sell for 11-13k all the time. This thing is worth MONEY.

goodluck selling it man, id hate to see it go, whatre you gonna build next??
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