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y8 shortblock + other d series parts

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stock bare shortblock y8 $200 shipped * needs resleeving
stock air intake complete $45 shipped
stock clutch/flywheel $55 shipped
stock rods $45 shipped
all parts are off my 99 d16y8
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hey how bad is the sleeves because i am very interested and how long would shipping take say if i bought it tomorrow. please reply also do you think i can skip the resleeve part. how long do you think it will last.
the sleeves in 2 of the cylinders are bad i had a piece of a piston in each one score the sidewalls pretty bad. So i dont think you should build it and drive it if you dont resleve it.
cool thanks for being honest i don't have enough time to go get it resleeved so maybe next time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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