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Yakuza 4.

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Playing through the latest american release which came out about a week ago.

If any of you have tried out previous editions in the series then Y4 is basically more of the same, yet with enough twists to at least keep me interested.

Old: You're back in Kamurocho.

New: Rooftops and underground areas have been fleshed into the map layouts to give the players extra areas to explore. Kiryu is no longer the only playable character.

The game mechanics are basically the same. The button layout for figthing are the ones used in past games. There's still locker keys to be found. Food and drinks are still going to give you health and HEAT. Item inventory is also just like in the past versions.

There's been slight improvements to the way the city looks and sounds. Ditto for the character models. If you liked the past games, then I think you'll like this one too. I'm a fan of the series. Having invested the time to do multiple playthoughs of the past games, SEGA has got me hooked to find out more in the continuting story of Kiryu, Haruka, Majima, and the rest of the cast.
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I'm pretty surprised by this. I'd have thought GT5 would have been #1 (even if it was released so late in the year). Or even maybe Blops considering it is the game that sold the most worldwide. When was FF10 released?

Anyhow. Y4 is a decent game with a ever lengthening storyline from the days of the PS2. I guess I can understand why it sold so well.:eek:

Yakuza 4 is Japan's best-selling PS3 game for 2010

Posted April 19th, 2011 at 09:34 EDT by Mike Harradence.

Japanese sales data cobbled together by archivist Giemin has revealed that SEGA’s Yakuza 4 came out on top as the best-selling PlayStation 3 game in the Land of the Rising Sun last year.

The gangster-brawler shifted a whopping 577,199 units following its Japanese launch in March 2010, putting it in 16th place overall on the list of best-selling titles for the region.

Unsurprisingly, the Top Ten is filled to the rafters with PSP, DS and Wii games, with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd taking pole position with a staggering 3,849,907 units sold.

Sony’s highest selling title was Gran Turismo 5, which came in at 17 with 563,378 units sold. Meanwhile, Monster Hunter Frontier took 86th place as the highest charting Xbox 360 title with 138,596 copies sold. Halo Reach didn’t fare quite so well however, coming in at 186th with 56,104 sales.
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