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Well pick up your Super Street Magazines Friends, and turn to page 234 and take a look at the honda optional equipment question of the month. A guy emailed them about swaping a h22a into his 91 accord Ex and they told him all the wrong stuff like he needed to weld new mounts, and it was hard to install. Wel look what I told them back.....

> >>> "jerome simon" <[email protected]> 02/10/02 02:47PM >>>
>Dear Super Street,
>I was checking your march 2002 issue and happend to come across your Honda
>Optional Equipment of the Month Question, and became very dissapointed.
>guys were so off the mark on the requirements for a 1992-1995 Honda Prelude
>Motor swap into a 1990-1992 Honda accord, that it made me laugh. First off
>all you wouldn't put a 1996 h22a into a 4th gen accord because of being
>which just complicates the whole process of swaping it into a obd1 car.
>the 1992-1995 prelude motor is a direct swap into the 4th generation
>you even use the accord mounts. 3rd the accord manual and the accord auto
>tranny will bolt up directley to the h22a motor. Although its not
>recomended it is very much a possibiltity. You can obtain the same accord
>axles if you have a manual and plan to stick with it the same would go for
>auto if you plan to stick with it. Everything is a direct bolt in, even
>shift linkage. The 4th gen accord and prelude are very similar they share
>many of the same designs and many of the parts will swap over. If you
>wanted to swap in a h23 non vtec motor into your accord you wouldn't even
>need to re-wire it, and if you want the vtec motor without learning how to
>wire the vtec unit, call up place racing, and they do sell a modified
>wiring harness for the h22a. The prelude engine is also not very pricey
>you can obtain one without the transmisson/axles/linkages, but still
>containing eveyrthing else including wiring harness and ecu for a little
>over $1200. So now you can see why I was dissapointed, when I read your
>article on the swap.
>Frequent Reader,
>Jerome Simon (former 4th gen accord owner)

>From: "John Naderi"

You weren't supposed to see that Jerome. I'm the new editor here and I want
nothing more than to be able to give you the best magazine each month. That
means the best cars, events, interviews and TECH all delivered with the
trademark Super Street style.

We make mistakes, just like everyone else and technical innacurracies irk me to
no end. We get tons of emails and letters each day and we try to respond to as
many as we can. And I just want you to know that it is not our intention to
misinform anyone and if we do we will do our best to make it right.

And thank you for keeping us on our toes.

John Naderi

You guys think I should ask for something since I corrected them hehe like a hat.

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where can you find an h22 with all that stuff for 1200. the cheapest i can find is like 2300

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Accord92sir said:

Yeah the tracy guy, we never got to meet up. Im gonna be out there this weekend. lets meet up. My prelude looks like shit right now hella primer.
Dont go Getto birds are out cause that one new jack that went out there like 2 weeks ago with a crx and went head up with a chp, but i dunno you can go and check it out and tell me wassup and plus my car back in angkor again lol

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the cheapest i can find is like 2300

That's for everything...tranny,axles,starter, blah blah blah, he might just be referring to JUST the motor. It might be possible to get JUST the motor for around 1500 or so. The tranny is around 600+, plus all the other parts.
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