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The target car is a 95 Honda Civic coupe (EJ2) with a gen 2 B16A. I'm sure you all know the outlet on the ITR header is 2.5 and the inlet flange on my cat is 2.25. The only solution at my disposel, at the time, is a test pipe from Omi Power. The muiffler shop is asking some crazy digets to weld a 2.5 inch flange onto my cat so this is easier since i just took emissions.

Anyways!. Installation took about 15 minutes. I had to buy some new bolts, nuts, and washers to get everything snugged up. Prior to putting the header on i had to drill some of the mounting holes because the ITR headers do not perfectly mate to the B16A head!!!!! you dont have to drill all of them, just a few. I did the one on the bottom row far left, the bottom center, and the top row second from far right. Once that was done they threw right on. I only have a couple ticks about the header. The first was the flat black paint isn't all heat proof, so its slowly cooking itself off. The second is one of the welds is a bit imperfect and is leaking a small tad ( nothing some JB weld wont fix ). But once the header was on, i threw on my ITR heatshield and BOOYA i got myself looking hardcore type-rish(i have a type-r valve cover too =D ) . With the test pipe i can feel a good jump in power over the stock header and catty. Once my VTEC hits i can feel a bit of a pull.

Yonaka ITR 4-1 Header = $265
OmiPower Test Pipe = $100
Bolts and shit = $20ish

Installation: 4/5 - easy but the drilling wasn't too fun.
Performance: 5/5 - with the test pipe, i can actually feel the car pull when the VTEC hits, awesome mid/top end power difference.
Overall: 4/5 - cheap header but it does its job great.

If MadAss will let me use his camera ill get some pictures up....until then, i say try the shit out, its good stuff :number1
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