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Your dream bike

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If you won the lottery tomorrow what kind of bike(s) would you get and what mods would you do to it
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I'd get a 2002 Yamaha R1, get every inch of plastic replaced with carbon fiber and paint it the factory blue again only with a pearl in it and get the champions edition graphics... MIG high mount carbon fiber full exhaust, HID lighting, some real police strobes, every inch of showing metal chromed or polished, either powder coat the wheels white or chrome them, i'd say turbo but i think i'd want to stay n/a... i'd get a chrome 12" extended swing arm for days at the drag strip and slam the front
i have a video of a turbocharged GSX-R 750, it wheelies rolling on the gas in 5th gear not even on purpose, he tops it out likes its nothing too, sounds awesome it has a blow off valve... i saw on ebay once a turbo charged hayabusa with two stage nitrous, i've seen n/a hayabusas that run like 8.1, and it was completely streetable it said too
heres the video... GSX-R Turbo

if for some reason that doesn't work go here Bike Pics- Video's- Tank Cam and its the 9th video down
yea that color is pretty sweet... but i'd still take the blue, i love it too much
i went to ducati the other day, had a 998 with every single inch carbon fiber, unpainted, just clear coated... it was bad ass
thats the Mig high mount carbon exhaust... you dont have to do any modifications to put it on, and i believe you retain your passenger foot peg too... heres their website MIG
i know exactly what your talking about... its awesome, but also 1,200$ i belive, but i think that includes the full exhaust and the new body work needed to accomidate it
well lots of drag bikes and some stuff like 9 second street-busa's have dual stage nos... i dont know about a twin turbo bike, but theres tons of bikes with turbos on em
i know what you were sayin man, but if its a DREAM bike then turbos and nos would be the bare minimum... i haven't ever seen a stock busa make it into the 9's, but i see them all the time at the track with nos hitting low 9's, saw one guy hit it too early and loop the bike on a 5,000$ bet, but since the other guy redlighted he still won!
oh yea they''ll run low 10's all day long stock, i was just sayin the only ones i see in the 9's at all are modded
oh no must busa's aren't running nos... but i've seen a handful, the bottles actually the size of say, a banana, so somewhere in the tail area or under the seat fits nicely, he had it rigged so that when you turn on the high-beams it becomes armed, and the horn button was the trigger
ok enough about this... none of us have NOS or a busa so it doesn't matter anyways
cbrideratx said:

true but I've been closer than any of y'all.
what do you mean? closer to having NOS or a busa, you kinda either do or dont
really? how do you like it? personally i can't stand them but i've never ridden one, but they seem to be for the older and bigger guys, i'm young and tiny so a 600-1000cc bike fits me fine... if i was gonna get a drag bike i'd personally go with a zx12, just can't get into hayabusas
1 - 17 of 75 Posts
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