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Your experience(s) with camber kits??

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I rode in a teg (couple of months ago) that was lowered 2.5" and had front and rear camber kits.

The problem is, the camber kits were squeeky as hell!!

I would kill if my car squeeked the way this thing did. I can't remember the brand the guy had, but he said the bushings were cheap and that is why it squeeked.

What are your experiences with camber kits?
I am going to use the washer / longer bolts for the rear, but will eventually get a camber kit for the front.
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They were probably polyurethane bushings. He probably didn't lube them and that is why it squeaked. I just bought an Ingall's kit with the rubber bushings. They recommend the rubber for a street car because the lack of lube maintance required. When I put them on I will let you know what I think.
white lithium grease and grease fittings would solve that problem.
change the bushings to rubber instead of poly then it should quiet up the squeaking.
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