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Well if anybody was worrying about Ide after his time in F1, you can now rest easy. :p


Yuji Ide who is currently a driver managed by A.Company Inc.(SUPER AGURI F1 TEAM) will be competing this weekend at the Suzuka Circuit in the Japanese Championship Formula Nippon. He will be driving the Number 41 car with DoCoMo TEAM DANDELION RACING for the remaining 6 races of the Championship.

Since Ide was stripped of his super license in the beginning of May, the team and Ide had been looking into various options. As a result, he has landed a seat to compete in the highest formula category in Japan.

Aguri Suzuki, Team Principal
"I am happy that Yuji Ide is able to compete in the Japanese Championship Formula Nippon once again. Although it was only for 4 races, I am confident that his experiences at the Formula 1 category will help him in the future. I appreciate that DoCoMo TEAM DANDELION RACING has seen Yuji's capabilities and given him a seat in their team."

Yuji Ide
"I have been considering my options over the last few weeks and have decided to compete in the Formula Nippon category once again. I am grateful to DoCoMo TEAM DANDELION RACING for giving me this opportunity half way through the season. I have not yet given up hopes to return to the Formula 1 category but for now what I need to do is to concentrate on the races that lie ahead of me and perform well. I apologize to all my fans who have been worried for me and I hope that you continue to support me in the future"


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