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ZC SWAP INFORMATION/CHEAP ZC PRICES is what I need to know. I have been finding it so hard to find accurate zc info on the internet. How the hell can you tell if a zc is the 130hp output engine. I just recently bought a zc from attarco, everything looks the same, it has the oil to water cooler, says zc on the block, but some small things are different. for example, my si throttle body, which is supposed to be compatible, isn't. Another thing is the distributor doesn't have an internal coil, and it seems that the engine mounts are in the right position, but are off by about a centimeter. Anyone have any reliable information for me? I would be grateful... By the way...if you guys are in the bay area, I got mines at attarco in sac for 480 complete with manifolds and 6 month warranty. Best price I found so far.
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If it's the black valvecover ZC and has ZC stamped in the block
then it's the right one. also look for the year stamped in the
cylinder head it should be at least 87 and up.

the first gen ZC has the brown valvecover and the manifolds look
a little smaller and thinner.
The date stamp says 92. It does have the black valve cover with the bolts on the edges, but the mounts are a tad off. Also, my zc doesn't have the sensor on the end of the exhaust cam for some reason...not that it just didn't come with one, more like it never came with one. Any ideas?
Ok, so you got the right one, what exactly do u mean the mounts are off a tad? did u already try to put it in the bay, or do u think just by looking at it they are off? I mean it does take some
effort to align the enige to drop in all 4 mounts.
I could be u have diff brackets that don't match the mounts
for some reason, in that case take em off a Si engine(d16a6)
It really should fit but u need to drop in the engine under
a certain angle.

about the sensor on the exaust cam, there should really be one, if not get one from a junk/salvage yard, the whole assy
should bolt right up.
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