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I have heard about this engine of late. Whats the deal? I assume it is a ZC block and a b16a head??? and is this engine setup any good?? can some one shed some light on this??
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I don't think you could put a b16 head on a zc. I might be wrong.
You cant put a VTEC head on a ZC motor.
However there are rumors of a VTEC ZC stock, never seen one so I dont know.
You can put a SOHC VTEC head onto a ZC SOHC block without any problems, and you can do it on a DOHC block if you block the oil passages and run lines in their place.
there is a sohc zc vtec motor in japan and this week i actually saw this motor at a japanese importer place. it was SOHC...the valve cover said VTEC ...and the engine block was stamp ZC. heres the info on the place:

Orient Engines and Parts INC.
1212 Crosby ST
San Diego, CA 92113
(619)239-7673 ph
(619)239-9444 fax

you guys ever wonder why another name for the b16a motor is ZCG?
nothing special about a SOHC ZC VTEC
yes there is somthing special about the zc vtec i have one in my 92 cx ..i will beat any stock 99 si..!! I am stock only with intake and exhaust..Its not even a race between me and a eg si..It pulls like a b16

Got mine from
damn...this thread is back from the dead.

the sohc zc vtec is basically like a USDM d-series sohc vtec
^^ yeah, it's pretty much the same as the D16Z6, OBD-I
i have a sohc zc non vtec... Should of spent more money for a beefier motor, oh well, that is what forced induction is for...
its known as the d16a6 its a sohc vtec also known as the zc
hondaboy09 said:
its known as the d16a6 its a sohc vtec also known as the zc
The jdm zcvtec is better then eny d16z6-y8. With bolt-on you can do 15.5. They have a better cam so the vtec kicks in harder. Very good engin for the price.
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