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Anyone uses Zeal B2??
how is it???

I know RDX uses Zeal B6 and he say it is the best!!!!!
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18 ppl viewed me...and noone had anything to say???

help me out guys.....:(
go check with the and guys, i know a few ppl from there have the B2.

BTW b2 should be cool, softer than B6.
I only have seen Acura-TL member using the B2
and few s2000 using B6.

Zeal B2 is more meant for street/race
B2 is very cool.....and is much softer than B6
thats good right?? hehe :p
b/c RDX set his level at 1 and is very stiff.....if he set it to 6 holy shit....don't think it will be a joy ride... hehe :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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