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ZEX 65-shot vs. NOS 50-shot

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I know ZEX rates their horsepower to the flywheel, and NOS rates it to the wheels, so wouldn't these two (65 ZEX and 50 NOS) be similar in horsepower to the wheels? What is the difference in horsepower between the flywheel and "to the wheels"?
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if so, why is it that you have to retard your ignition 2 degrees with a 65-shot of ZEX, but not necessarily with a 50-shot NOS?
NOS does NOT rate their horsepwoer level to the wheels. The only company that I'm aware of that does this is NX.
what do they rate hp to than? the flywheel?
ZEX and NOS both rate their horsepower levels at the engine, (i.e. flywheel) A 50hp shot of nitrous from NOS will put approx. 42-43hp at the wheels.
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