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Zex on V6

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i went to mess with my car some and i was plugging in the hoses. so i was like ok cool not that hard, so i turn my car on..itruns ok..but i didnt push the peddle down or anythin just idle, so i put my
hand around the tubes checking for major leaks, so i put my finger on the nitrous output nozzle, and instead of air coming out its sucking in air...its
supposed to blow out air right? i flipped the switch to on, same thing, i havent tapped my intake yet bc i want to make sure about i used the right hoses. when i drove i went WOT but nothing changed. yes i flipped the switch, and yes the zex box is works, i can hear a click, and i tapped the correct wire, the only thing we're not 100% on is the now what? i dunno, what do u think? remember i have an accord v6 thanks
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I think because the zex box is tapped into the vacuum line for the throttle some of it may be coming through that way. leave the nozzle out, arm it, point the nozzle away from your face, and then reach down and roll the throttle pulley and make the car got WOT, you should trigger the solenoid. and it should spray. make sure you're holding it tight though, it does come out with a bit of force.
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