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Zex or Venom?

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Which is a better way to go? I heard that Zex has automatic air fuel ratio so you don't have an over lean or under lean ratio. But with Venom I heard it comes with the monitor and does basically the same thing? What would you guys or girls go with?
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I am not too sure on the subject, I think that Zex is the simplest kit, but I am sure if you post this in the Nitrous forum you will get all the info you need.
hmm... 500 or 1200 dollars...
i'd go zex...

the venom kit is cool b/c it's programmable, and it will shut off if the a/f gets too lean... and give you a code, but if you are good with your nitrous, you wont have that problem...

i'd go zex and save a ton of cash... especially considering you won't use the venom to the full potential (in all reality)
a custom nitrous express setup gets my vote. When calling around the different company's nitrous express was the only one that knew anything about their own product.
venom makes a cheaper computerized one. i have it. it's vcn-1000. it was 650 and it's safer than a switch mounted on the throttle body. some people complained about the system but mine works fine. there is a lot of wiring, though. but most agree that zex is really nice.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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